Beautiful art provides inspiration beyond simple motivation. 

 However, not everyone can easily enjoy such art due to 

 geographical and financial constraints. 

 Our goal is simple.It is to help us and our children to enjoy 

 the inspiration of art and motivate them to a new plateau of 

 engagement and learning.


For the past 15 years, UHWACOMPANY has pioneered printing processes to make paintings and photos look more realistic while using offset printing machines for mass printing. We have produced over 50 famous photo collections thus far. Most recently, we published a GALLERY-BOOK with the most realistic and faithful paintings to date. To accurately depict the beauty and the color of original paintings, we have visited each museum in possession of the original artwork. Once there, we have captured the image of the original painting and delivered them on our books using our unique OFFSET-PAINTING process that brings paint texture to life. UHWACOMPANY prints each of its books with the mission of inspiring readers around the world with realistic reproductions of historically significant paintings.