For the past 15 years, UHWACOMPANY has pioneered printing processes to make paintings and photos look more realistic while using offset printing machines for mass printing. We have produced over 50 famous photo collections thus far. Most recently, we published a GALLERY-BOOK with the most realistic and faithful paintings to date. To accurately depict the beauty and the color of original paintings, we have visited each museum in possession of the original artwork. Once there, we have captured the image of the original painting and delivered them on our books using our unique OFFSET-PAINTING process that brings paint texture to life. UHWACOMPANY prints each of its books with the mission of inspiring readers around the world with realistic reproductions of historically significant paintings.


Beautiful art provides inspiration beyond simple motivation. 

However, not everyone can easily enjoy such art due to 

geographical and financial constraints. 

Our goal is simple.It is to help us and our children to enjoy 

the inspiration of art and motivate them to a new plateau of 

engagement and learning.


Every step in the process of making a book is fraught with limitations. It is not easy to change from ordinary production methods. For over 20 years, the industry has taken such production for granted. The common goal has been to produce a large volume of texts as fast as possible. Books pour out from printing and binding machines. Even if the colors are different from what was intended or the format is too general, the books are printed just because they are deemed to be acceptable. They say this is the best quality and there is nothing beyond it. Perhaps a better book cannot even be imagined. Where did creativity stagnate? Is it time to admit that there is no further progress simply because it is only a print? Pictures in a book should be different from real pictures and paintings. But can’t we deliver more precise imagery? Should the array of inks be limited? Can’t we change the data? Does the person in charge of production know everything about design, printing, ink, and paper? Has it been really our best effort? What stopped our industry from advancing was the overall declining printing industry, a lack of developmental research and development, and the notion that books can only do so much. More beauty and better quality yields a better book. We have long since accepted that books cannot be any more beautiful.

One day, an ordinary designer was called to rebellion when asked why the processes of making a book were what they were. He long dreamed of a stunning book that exceeded the preexisting limitations of his field. Since then, he has been researching and testing images and data for printing and challenging the entire bookmaking process from paper to output, ink to printing, and bookbinding to processing. The industry ridiculed his radicalism, and soon ignored him. One after another, he started publishing books with his vision in mind. When making a photo collection, he thought meticulously about picture depth. After more than a decade toiling solitarily, the industry became curious about his new book and began questions how his books were made. Even those without knowledge of book printing noticed something was different. There was a new element of beauty and awe. On March 30, 2018, after 15 years of research, he published GALLERY-BOOK. This book provided a breath of fresh air to previously mundane pictures at a level never seen before. To ensure accuracy , he visited museums directly to study the original paintings themselves and collected stories related to the content. The end result was a newfound appreciation of art at a reasonable price. Bringing beauty to us and our children through books is our continuous endeavor.